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    The introduction of Harvest International Education

    Harvest International EducationHIEis a youthful and energetic company that was established in 2012 and is in charge of international communication.

    The company's programs include Chinese courses, a youth international & domestic exchange program, sending Chinese teachers to the USA for the Training & Internship Program and so on.

    I. Chinese Course

    Harvest International Education follows the concepts established by the North American Chinese teaching ideals from the Middlebury Model, in order to provide a complete and effective Chinese teaching service for overseas students, diplomatic officers who are working in China, foreign business associates. We not only focus on listening and speaking practice, but also in strengthening reading and writing skills. Combining our teachers' experience and our students'characters, our company has created a unique teaching style and model that has received high praise.

    In 2014, HIE was honored to obtain the trust of “Learn Yuwen”, an e-magazine group, by being put in charge of the magazine's editing for beginner and intermediate editions. The magazine has a long history of being established for over 10 years in the USA offering educational resources for learning and teaching Chinese to students and teachers alike. We have added some new teaching elements, creating an excellent e-magazine with concise and clear advice to share with students and teachers.

    II. Youth International & Domestic Exchange Program

    Since its initiation HIE has dedicated itself to promoting communication and understanding between Chinese and foreign students. At present, HIE has successfully held youth international and domestic exchange programs over 10 times since its' humble beginnings. During international communication, students from overseas come to China to learn a foreign language in a natural environment, experience the exotic culture deeply, and go into the community as a volunteerto teach their mother language or to take part in community service. During domestic communication, we use thesame concepts to teach English to Chinese students as we use to teach Chinese to our foreign students. Our programs have also received high praise from students’ parents and their teachers each time and many students return to participate in other programs.

    III. Sending Chinese Teachers to the USA for the Training & Internship Program

     As China’s economic power and international statute grow in the “Chinese boom” this has caused an increase in interest in learning Chinese all over the world, especially in the USA. Due to this Chinese boom, HIE has developed a training and internship program for local Chinese teachers to gain experience and knowledge in order to more efficiently teach Chinese as a second language to foreigners. We encourage everybody who ardently loves teaching Chinese to join in this program as it is our hope that this program will entice more people to join a Chinese class in the USA. We also hope to encourage students to study Chinese by participating in activities and with the aid of qualified teachers. Our goal is to improve teaching skills by preparing teachers to better teach Chinese in the USA through engaging communication between Chinese and foreigners.

    HIE has obtained a massive amount of support and help from all walks of life since it's initiation. We are moving ahead positively with everyone's encouragement. Thank you for all your caring and support as HIE continues to develop! Thank you from all of HIE’s employees!

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